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Tendon and ligament injuries like shoulder cuff tears, knee ligament tears and related conditions such as spinal discs and other joint type injuries can severely impact people’s lives due to pain and loss of functionality.

Whether a work place injury or a sports injury or injury from accident, soft tissue injuries can take a long time to heal, and often continue to have symptoms even years or decades later.

Stem cell therapy for tendon and ligament injury has, in the last decade, proven to be effective in increasing the speed and quality of repair.

Autologous (your own cells) stem cell therapy offers real hope for the repair of torn tissue because

  • Stem cells can reproduce and multiply
  • Stem cells can search out and find damaged nerve tissue
  • Stem cells can become almost any type of cell, including tendon and ligament tissue

Possible Improvements

Possible improvements may be seen in:

  • Cartilage growth 
  • Pain levels 
  • Mobility and physical activity
  • Reduced swelling and stiffness
  • Less anti-inflammatory medication

Pain before treatment

Graphs above shows a major shift downwards after treatment.

400 out of 628 patients reduced pain levels from major [6-10] to minor [5-0]

Can Stem Cell Therapy Heal Tendon and Ligament Injuries?

The advances over the last decade in the safe and effective use of a person’s own stem cells to induce tissue healing for these types of injury are central to Global Stem Cells’ treatment plans.

This form of treatment has proven effective at both speeding up healing of damaged structures as well as helping heal ‘old’ injuries that never fully healed.

The usual medical ‘standard care’ treatments for structural injury consists of:

  • Prescriptions for rest, pain killers, muscle relaxants
  • The use of slings and/or casts to immobilize the injured limb while it ‘heals’
  • Physical therapy
  • If the tear is bad enough, surgery to reconnect torn structures, followed by immobilization and later, physical rehab

Global Stem Cells has seen faster than normal healing of damaged tendon and ligament structures following stem cell treatment. These kinds of improvements have the potential to avoid the need for surgeries and help return you to full function.

There are additional testimonials from our patients below, however our management team’s treatment story is an interesting one.

Five of our group directors and senior managers have been healed with stem cell therapy for joint injuries in the last few years:

  • CEO: rotator cuff tear, sports injury
  • Medical Director: knee ligament tear
  • Marketing Director: ACL tear
  • Sales Director: rotator cuff tear, sports injury
  • Commercial Development Manager: labrum shoulder tear, L2 L3, bulging disc, ACL tear (3 decades old injury)

All had excellent outcomes, reporting full strength and mobility in all cases. In one case this actually led to him joining the company. 

Global Stem Cells is pleased to offer access to these safe and effective healing options to our patients.

By using your own fat-derived stem cells, new tissue can be created which heals torn tissue, allowing faster and ‘stronger’ healing.

Our international consultant doctors have many years of experience and success with joint repair treatment. The facilities and medical care are of the highest standard.

Successful outcomes, eliminating the necessity of suffering regular pain, taking daily medication or having surgery, are commonplace even with decades-old conditions. The procedure is a one-day outpatient treatment and no general anesthetic is required.

All joint repair patients receive personal concierge services including assistance with travel, accommodation and other needs. To make an enquiry to see if you are a candidate for stem cell joint repair please click the button below.

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