Conditions where cell therapy has shown good results:

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The Steps of the Treatment

Our method of autologous stem cell treatment consists of four steps:-

  1. Harvest: Your own fat stem cells are harvested through a mini liposuction procedure, done under local anesthesia. 
  2. Separate: Your cells are then separated from the fat
  3. Activate: Using our patented LED light source we activate the stem cells, making the perfect remedy for healing.
  4. Return: A large number of the activated stem cells are then put back in your own body to produce the most effective regenerative response. 

Timeframe: The mini liposuction procedure lasts about 30 minutes. Separation and activating the stem cells takes about 1 hour. Then, depending on where the stem cells will be re-introduced to (i.e. joints, your hairline or intravenously) you will be in the clinic for a further 1-2 hours. You will typically be in and out of the clinic within 4 hours.


Our Safety Standard

All treatments are carried out at international standard facilities by fully qualified and licensed international medical team. Cell therapies and all protocols are delivered using GMP certification and TMG approved medicines, strictly selected to be evidence-based and proven safe. By using your own stem cells from your own body, you accept them naturally as your own, eliminating any risk of rejection. Complications are extremely rare.

A review of 36 clinical studies confirmed that “…the administration of MSCs is safe“[1] 

Our medical team has collectively provided access to successful stem cell treatments for thousands of patients. As recognised experts in providing cell therapy, we also train doctors worldwide in these techniques for clinical application.  

  • We use only strictly selected, evidence-based protocols for our patients' safety.
  • We are realistic and honest about treatment outcomes.
  • We have regular follow up, months and even years post-procedure. 

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