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The Procedure

How is the Treatment Done?

Our method of autologous stem cell treatment consists of harvesting your own fat stem cells through a minimal cell extraction procedure. The cells are activated using medical laser lights, then re-introduce them back to your own body. 

The entire procedure takes just 3-4 hours. This minor procedure, similar to a mini liposuction, does not require a general anesthesia.  As an outpatient at our partner centers, most of the procedure time is needed for cell processing and IV drip; the liposuction takes only 30 minutes.


 Joe had stem cell treatment with Global Stem Cells. Read his and some of our other patients' testimonials here.


An assigned patient coordinator will explain your patient journey and what to expect. Read more about our concierge services on page About Us.


Is Autologous Stem Cell Treatment Effective?

Autologous stem cells are proven to deliver consistent results in the treatment of a variety of health issues. The regenerative power of autologous stem cell treatment is superior to conventional therapies. For over a decade these results have been studied, proven and repeated by physicians world-wide.

Global Stem Cells patients receive procedures that have been successfully replicated thousands of times.  We bring together the latest advances in harvesting, activating and delivering autologous stem cells to offer the most effective treatment protocols for our patients. 


Conditions where treatments may be effective: 

  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Stroke
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Kidney Disease
  • Orthopedic Injury, e.g. rotator cuff injury, torn ACL ligament, torn meniscus
  • Osteo- and Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Other degenerative diseases, e.g. Type II Diabetes, Heart disease


Other conditions are also treatable. For enquiries or any other additional information, please enquire here. All questions are welcome. 

Most of the conditions are degenerative. Treatment success is often measured in terms of improved quality of life by slowing the degenerative effects. Please see our dedicated pages for our patients’ success stories; stem cell treatment for renal diseaseorthopedic and neurologic conditions.


Why Global Stem Cells? 

Global Stem Cells has extensive experience in the use of the autologous type of stem cell treatment.  As recognised experts in using your own adipose (fat-derived) cells, we also train doctors worldwide in these techniques for clinical application.  

  • We use only Autologous Adipose stem cells, your own dormant cells. 
  • We are realistic and honest about treatment outcomes.
  • We have built in a high degree of safety through our comprehensive stem cell treatment protocols.
  • We care about our patients, and providing the highest level of safety and medical effectiveness is our primary goal.

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