Stem cells are the basic building blocks of the human body. They have the ability to regenerate and replicate when activated and in the right circumstances, can become almost any specialized type of cells in the human body. They can also promote tissue repair and recovery to obtain results with minimal, or no side effects.

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  • Introduced and fully explained treatment options
  • Experienced and honest evaluation of what’s right for you.
  • No-charge consultation with an expert doctor (following receipt of medical history).
  • Scientific research explanation that supports the medicine, if required.
  • Support fundraising and guidance, if required.
  • Professional full concierge service including travel advice, airport pick up, family needs, translation etc.
  • Constant presence at treating hospital to assist you on any matter.
  • Interface with treating doctors and hospital throughout your stay.
  • Regular contact initiation to follow up on results and any concerns.
  • Constant availability to answer your questions, provide advice or address issues.
  • Advanced supplement packs targeted to aid your recovery and wellbeing.
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Mindi, a 48 year-old American, suffered from Devic's Disease and had been searching in vain for potential medical treatments. Here, Mindi and her husband share the story of her Stem Cell Treatment and the impressive improvements.
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Many times, milestones of human achievements occur when it is least expected. In medical research, for instance, while the presumption of a medical breakthrough and the discovery of new medicines being lab-manufactured is undeniable, little did people know that the future of medicine was tapped right from our own bodies. Stem Cells are drawing attention […]
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In terms of scientific advances, the discovery and use of Stem Cells to treat disease and injury, rank as critical milestones in the field of Medicine. If any single medical advancement can be said to be revolutionary then it is Regenerative Medicine and the use of Stem Cells. Stem Cells in their most basic form […]
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Autism is a neurobehavioral disorder that impairs and generally slows down language and communication skills. This greatly affects the social interaction skills on the part of the autistic person. Autism is characterised by rigid repetitive movements. Past Attitudes Towards Autism In the early days, before doctors fully understood the condition, children with Autism were routinely […]
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