Stem cells are the basic building blocks of the human body. They have the ability to regenerate and replicate when activated and in the right circumstances, can become almost any specialized type of cells in the human body. They can also promote tissue repair and recovery to obtain results with minimal, or no side effects.

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  • Introduced and fully explained treatment options
  • Experienced and honest evaluation of what’s right for you.
  • No-charge consultation with an expert doctor (following receipt of medical history).
  • Scientific research explanation that supports the medicine, if required.
  • Support fundraising and guidance, if required.
  • Professional full concierge service including travel advice, airport pick up, family needs, translation etc.
  • Constant presence at treating hospital to assist you on any matter.
  • Interface with treating doctors and hospital throughout your stay.
  • Regular contact initiation to follow up on results and any concerns.
  • Constant availability to answer your questions, provide advice or address issues.
  • Advanced supplement packs targeted to aid your recovery and wellbeing.
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Stem cells are today recognised for the vast potential they hold in curing diseases and healing injuries. With successes on various fronts, a great deal of research still needs to be undertaken to fully understand stem cells, which are, essentially, the building blocks of life. With their ability to multiply rapidly and to develop into […]
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Vicki was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) whilst in the USA. After her niece sent her an article about Stem Cell Treatment for ALS, she became more aware of the potential of regenerative medicine and then discovered the Global Stem Cells website.
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New advances in Science are sometimes met with vigorous resistance from people who misinterpret the intentions of the scientists and researchers or who object out of religious scruples. Life-saving surgery, for example, would be non-existent today had the medical profession caved in and listened to the barrage of criticism directed at doctors who performed operations […]
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Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) is a rare disease that mainly involve the nerve cells responsible for controlling the voluntary movement of muscles. ALS specifically attacks motorneurons in the brain stem, cortex and the spinal cord thereby causing effects such as muscle weakness, spasticity and paralysis. People affected by ALS experience difficulties in performing everyday functions […]
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