Ataxia Stem Cell Treatment Testimonials

Hear from Our Satisfied Stroke Stem Cell Patients

Everyone deserves a chance to live a better life

That’s why we’re overjoyed when we see the remarkable progress our patients make during their time with us. Listen to their stories here.

Ataxia, Nannapas, 43, Thailand

Nannapas from Thailand undergoes Stem Cell Treatment for Ataxia and would like to recommend it to everyone with similar conditions.

Ataxia, Henrique, 47, Canada

47-year-old Ataxia patient from Canada, Henrique underwent Stem Cell Treatment and has experienced improvements eversince.

Ataxia, Juan, 46, Spain

Following this comprehensive treatment package, Juan saw several significant improvements. He had more controlled balance, less fatigue and was able to walk faster than before he began his treatment.

Ataxia, Roseanne, 44, Australia

Roseanne has been suffering from Ataxia for a long time; her daughter and husband were actively looking for a health centre to help improve her condition which was worsening. They finally found a solution when they discovered Global Stem Cells.

Ataxia, Pamela, 67, Australia

From her thoughts on her stem cell treatment to the members of the clinical staff, Pamela discusses her stay at the hospital.